Any person is exposed to potential health risks while traveling internationally. Numerous countries have bacteria & diseases that are foreign to your body, which makes getting all the necessary vaccines & medicines is extremely important.

AFC Urgent Care is able to offer travel medicine to assist you leading up to your trip. Prior to traveling, one of our providers will review your itinerary & notify you of any necessary vaccinations & give you tips on how to stay healthy during your trip. Our providers are able to administer the vaccines in our center & are able to prescribe anti-malarial, anti-diarrhea & motion sickness medicines for use while traveling.

Travelers are advised to receive any necessary vaccines at least 1 month prior to traveling, but if your trip is last minute AFC Urgent Care is still able to help! Please come to our center, located at 5568 Weslayan Street in Houston, TX if you would like to discuss your traveling plans or call us at 713-666-7050 if you have any questions!