Great place, friendly staff and knowledgeable providers. I always go here when I have minor stuff going on and I can get in with my PCP. They accept most insurances and the price for service is totally reasonable. Keep up the great work. Would totally recommend to anyone who needs to see a provider, but can’t get into theirs. Just amazed with the great service I received.

– Frances Z.


My son fell at the park and was hysterical and in tons of pain. I called my pediatrician to ask if she could call in orders for an x-ray because he was in such tremendous pain. The doc wanted me to come in but the wait going to be over an hour. I couldn’t let him sit there for that long. I drove straight to AFC Urgent Care and my son was speaking with the provider in less than 10 minutes. X-ray immediately and told that it was broken. I cannot tell you how grateful our family is to have this wonderful service of dedicated providers and nurses and staff members right here in our own backyard. They move very quickly and very efficiently and very lovingly. The provider who saw my son was really playful with my son and helped relax him. In fact, all of the staff members are kid friendly and so personable.  That really helps when kids aren’t feeling well or scared! I am soooo thankful for ya’ll!! This is my second visit this week! I brought our 3rd child in on Sunday because our pediatrician’s office was closed. We were in and out in less than 20 minutes and the provider was super sweet with my daughter who had croup. What a tremendous resource we are lucky to have right here! Thank you for being there for my family.

– Alison E.


The staff at AFC Urgent Care acted quickly and professionally to prevent serious damage when infection swelled my hand like a balloon after a dog bite. I got topical, oral and injectable antibiotics and a tetanus booster. Everything was billed to insurance, I was in and out in 45 minutes, and I’m on the mend. We even shared a laugh or two.

– Craig H.


The service was excellent and the office was clean. I was able to actually come in on short notice and fill my prescriptions at the nearby Randalls.

– Jen L.


Went in for coughing and severe joint/body pain. Was seen by a provider within 30 min (there were several people in the waiting room).

– Irene A.


I received great service and care here. I have been to local pharmacy providers before and chose to try this instead. I walked in and was seen by a provider within 20 minutes. Everyone was friendly and I felt like I was in good hands.

– Sarah S.


Today was my second visit to this clinic and the staff was great. I was there just a little over an hour.  The provider was very thorough and kind. This place is a great alternative whenever I can’t get into see my regular provider.

– Brooke R.


Great job! A Little wait and the provider was clear about medicine and shots.  I had her research them because I am nursing. Had my best interest in mind and jump started me getting well with 2 shots.  Thanks a million Dr. Lomeda and the staff!

– Ivy D.


Not getting any younger, have had the necessity to visit AFC Urgent Care on Weslayan three times in the past year. Each time diagnosis has been accurate, treatment prompt, and the staff friendly and courteous. Could not ask for a more convenient and cost effective solution when you feel a visit to the provider is in order. Would not hesitate to recommend to friends and family.

– Karl C.


Been here a few times and every experience has been great. Very minimal wait time and extremely pleasant staff. Most importantly, I feel that I’ve always been properly diagnosed and treated.

– Toni T.


This place is clean, organized, and I have never waited very long to see a provider. The front staff and medical staff were all friendly, and the providers listened to me and helped me get over the flu, ear infection, and bronchitis. It was easy to pick up my prescriptions right away next door at Walgreens. I have visited this location three times.

– Heather T.


Clean office, welcoming staff, quickly seen by a provider. Perfect urgent care.

– Maureen G.


I really love this place. This is my second time. The people are so warm, caring and professional. The provider and all the staff always make me relaxed. They tried their best to explain everything about my concerns in a way I can understand at my own level. Great job.

– June A.


Unfortunately, in the last month, I’ve had to visit TWICE with an upper respiratory infection. Both times, they provided quick, friendly service. I work as a medical office manager and was pleased with their care and customer service.

– Lauren W.


From when I first walked in the staff was excellent. Very few forms, as well as filing with my insurance company, was a nice thing. The Dr. was very knowledgeable and helpful explaining everything. I couldn’t have been more pleased with my visit.

– William B.


I slipped on a soapy surface in 3-inch platform shoes. I knew when I looked down at my ankle that I had to crack it back into place. The pain was excruciating. I waited until the morning so that I could verify my benefits and make sure I was making a smart financial decision when it came to this emergency. If I would have gone to and ER I would have received the same service with and ER Co-pay. I was carried into the clinic because there was no hopping or limping. From the front desk to the nurse to the Doctor, they were kind and handled my pain with compassion. I was x-rayed then my ankle was secured and I was written a prescription for the pain. The most important thing to consider when it comes to your health and money is to choose the appropriate facility for the issue at hand. I would recommend AFC Urgent Care to friends and family for urgent needs. AFC Urgent Care, thank you for your compassion, every time I pass by the location I think, they were so nice to me when I got hurt.

– Rachel B.